Apr 15, 2015

Baisakhi Food Festival @ Sheraton

Come April and the harvest festival is celebrated all through India under different names. Baisakhi, celebrated in this season by the hearty Punjabis, is a good reason to launch the Baisakhi Food Festival at Feast, Sheraton Bangalore. Now, this is a restaurant that is never dull. While the buffet spread at Feast is always a feast literally to all your senses, the folks do not believe in resting. Several events and food festivals are planned on a regular basis to give their old and new guests new food experiences.

When I was invited to review this event, I agreed, for Punjabi cuisine is known for its robust flavours and great variety as well.

View of Feast

View of the buffet and live counter

The menu includes all the traditional favourites. The Chefs have not wasted time in tweaking recipes or creating fusion dishes. Baisakhi it is, and Punjabi food, you get! Offering equal choice to both the vegetarians and the non vegetarians alike, pick as the fancy takes you. Among the vegetarian starters, you can enjoy Bharwan Paneer Tikka, Alu Mushroom Tikki, Tandoori Alu, or Rajma ki tikki.  Wash it down with salted lassi, or a pleasantly sharp jaljeera. If I felt the lassi was lightly watered down and not creamy and thick as I would expect, I realised it was a good thing. The drink was just right to whet my appetite instead of silencing it. Of the starters, the Rajma Tikki stood out for its silky smooth texture and balanced spices.

Drinks to start the meal

 Vegetarian starter platter

It would be wise to head on to the main course before you are filled up with the starters.  For, by no means should you ignore Sarson ka Saag. Set up at a separate station, with befitting accoutrements, this is probably the best you can find outside of Punjab! Bajre ki roti and Makai ki roti lend good support to the Saag. Enjoy the symphony that plays out in your tongue and brain while you are at this.

Sarson ka Saag with accompaniments

View of the open kitchen 

Can Paneer tikka Masala be not around when the cuisine is Punjabi? The folks at Feast do not disappoint. You will also find Dal Makhani, Sabz Masaledar, Alu Saagwala and such typical Punjabi dishes on the menu. Dal Makhani stood out for me for its rounded flavours and a rich, engulfing mouth feel. Steamed rice, choice of breads, fragrant pulao to accompany the entrees, you will find them all.

The Entrees of the evening

The live jalebi counter caught my attention. Piping hot jalebis with chilled rabdi is a match made in Punjabi heaven!  You can choose to satisfy your sweet cravings with flavoured falooda with matka kulfi, gajar ka halwa, and even a sugarless lapsi kheer for people with diet restrictions. These Punjabi desserts are in addition to their regular array of baked desserts and Teppanyaki ice cream.

Live Jalebi counter


This special menu is in addition to the regular buffet spread available for lunch and dinner. With a sleek ambience, sunlight streaming in the day and cosy lighting at dinner time, Feast is a location you must try out. While there, soak in the ambience, enjoy the courtesy of the staff and tuck in into one of the biggest buffet spreads in the city. You will not be disappointed.

I was delighted to find the staff sensitive to special dietary requirements of guests. Be it vegan, vegetarian, Halal, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free or any other needs that you may have are sure to be met with.

The Baisakhi Food Festival is on at Feast, Sheraton Bangalore from 10th to 19th April, 2015. If you can glug 500ml of the lassi at one go, your meal is free! Is that not a great reason to try out?

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