May 29, 2015

Watermelon Shikanjvi

In keeping with the need of the summer season, here is a winner drink recipe. Watermelon juice spiked with Indian spices. These spices were chosen not just for the flavours but also for their ability to aid digestion and add essential salts to the body.

In my earlier post, I had promised to share a drink recipe that does not include sugar. This is especially so that diabetics can also indulge in a refreshing drink. Summer need not be tiring or exhausting if we have refreshing, nourishing, hydrating drinks such as this watermelon shikanjvi in our repertoire. The ultimate thirst quencher. Rich with natural salts to rehydrate, and full of fruit vitamins and minerals. The fruit is rich in anti oxidants which helps in maintaining skin tone as well. Something we could surely use in the dry scorching months!

Enjoy a sip by the pool

In fact, most juices and colas are not advisable for diabetics since these release a surge of sugar into the blood stream almost immediately. A spike in blood sugar is dangerous for any diabetic. As is dehydration. In diabetics, if there is excess sugar in the blood, the kidneys will try to flush out some sugar through urine. It makes this happen by drawing on body water from blood, cells, saliva. This, in turn, increases the dehydration in the body.

Without further ado, here is the recipe for a super refreshing, very low calorie, drink. For ease, I am giving measures for 2 glasses. Of course, you can make a big batch ahead (do not add the soda ahead. Mix it in just before serving) and store chilled in the fridge. When you feel like downing a glass, pour yourself half a glass of this juice mixture, top with soda and sip for instant relief from summer.

Chilled watermelon shikanjvi


  • Does NOT contain lactose, soya, corn, yeast, gluten.

Preparation Time – 10 minutes + chilling time, Cooking Time – nil, Serves - 2


COOKWARE - Mixer grinder, lemon squeezer, and serving glasses


  1. 1 heaped cup chopped, deseeded watermelon chunks
  2. 250 ml chilled club soda
  3. Juice of 1 lemon
  4. a  big pinch of cooking salt
  5. pinch each of roasted jeera powder and kala namak powder
  6. Ice cubes to top up and serve


  1. Whiz the watermelon chunks in the mixer until you get a smooth puree. .
  2. Add the lemon juice also to the mixer jar.
  3. Add also a big pinch of salt, followed by a small pinch each of roasted jeera powder and kala namak.
  4. Whiz the mixture well, and divide between 2 glasses.
  5. Top with club soda, ice cubes and serve chilled!

 Watermelon Shikanjvi