About Me


Hi! I am Rajani, the founder of ‘Healthy Slurps’.
Many years ago, when I met my husband-to-be for the first time, we got chatting trying to get to know each other. One of his questions to me was, "Do you eat only salads, raw food and the like?" I was surprised and replied, "No, I eat food like everyone else does, why do you ask?" His reply – "Since you are a nutritionist, I wanted to know what your food choices were." His next query to me was, "Can you make healthy food that is tasty too?" I laughed and said, ‘Yes, I can, but do you cook well too?" Well, he did not answer that question, but has supported me unflinchingly in my endeavours.

About this Blog

The idea behind creating Healthy Slurps is just that – to create and document healthy recipes that are slurp-worthy as well. Here, I put my Master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition to good use. I work at turning existing recipes into healthier ones, as well as creating new recipes. Quite often, healthy food is seen as unappealing, boring, or even feels like a punishment. I ensure that recipes put up here are a joy to cook and eat. I strive to bring you simple meal options that deliver maximum nutrition for each bite. In time, I am looking to create a valuable database of recipes which all are welcome to delve into freely.

By sharing my creations with all, I find it exciting to engage with people all over the world and get feedback and requests for new recipes.

Personalised Nutrition & Diet Plans 

I also offer personalised and customised diet plans to suit your health requirements, lifestyle and budget. You can approach me for
  • Cardiovascular or blood pressure related disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Nutrition for a mother during pregnancy, childbirth
  • Child Nutrition
  • Weight loss/Weight gain needs
  • Hyper/Hypo-thyroidism

Healthy Slurps Cooking & Baking Workshops


Teaching young people how to cook healthy food is the best way to start them on healthy eating habits for life. To this end, I conduct specially tailored Healthy Slurps Cooking and Baking Workshops for children and teens, in addition to Workshops for people of all ages. Do contact me if you are interested in attending one.

Connect with Me!

Do you have any nutrition-related queries? Do you have any doubts about recipes put up here? Would you like to see any specific recipes here on the blog? Are you interested in learning to cook or bake? I would love to hear from you!

Email: nutritionist.rajani@gmail.com or healthyslurps@gmail.com

Twitter: @HealthySlurps

Facebook: Healthy Slurps

Pinterest: Rajani Vaidya


Lubna Karim said...

Never knew you hold masters degree in nutrition....Good to know more about you dear Rajani...Taste bhi, health bhi is your cooking...right???

Rajani said...

Lubna, yes dear, that is the effort.

Sarah said...

Ur husband asked the right questions !

Rajani said...

Hi Sarah,
You feel he did? Well, you know what I eat now! :-)

Latha Ramesh said...

nice recipes Rajani! do you have any good slow cooker recipes you can share?

Rajani said...

Hi Latha, I am sorry I do not use a slow cooker, so do not have any recipes to share. Hope you enjoy browsing and trying out other recipes on offer here. :-)