Jan 7, 2015

Of New Year Resolutions

Hello and Happy New Year to all! May 2015 bring you closer to your dreams, give you comfort and company of loved ones, fetch greater happiness than ever before.

For several years, I bucked the trend of making New Year resolutions. I felt making resolutions at New Year’s time are a sure way to not follow up on them. How many of us have not gone through the soda water effervescence of well meaning, lofty-intentioned un-attainable goals of New Year resolutions only to break them even before the month ends?

So, this year, instead of setting such impossible goals for this year, I thought of a different approach. Have a few, simple, defined goals and try to meet them, one month at a time. Set goals only for January. Continue with them for the next month if you feel they are relevant, doable. Then move on to the next month and the next goals.

For starters, how about an indulgent, doable goal such as “Enjoy your food daily’'. On the face of it, this sounds like, well, not even a goal. But pause to think, and you will find more meaning to it.

People of my parents’ generation were born either soon after the Second World War or around Indian Independence. (1939 – 45 – 47) Food was scarce, living conditions frugal, people were happy with a couple of simple meals in a day. Such Spartan existence also brought out qualities like gratitude, contentment, sharing whatever we had, setting aside for the tomorrow. Folks of my parents’ generation are usually like this. They enjoy every meal with gusto, relish every mouthful and arise sated fully in body and spirit.

I feel, we should take a lesson from this. Be happy for the hot meal in front of us. Be thankful for the nourishment it gives us. Be grateful to the farmers who toil in the hot sun daily for us.

Enjoy each meal. Eat with all your senses.

Cherish the experience of eating. Create a peaceful ambience at the table.

Be in the present while eating your meal. Do not be distracted by other seemingly pressing tasks.

Smile or talk politely to fellow diners. Be thankful for the meal.

Relish the colour that each ingredient brings to the dish. Savour the texture in every bite, inhale the aromas of the food. Be mindful of each mouthful.  Appreciate whatever you can about the meal.

Do you think that by doing these, we could enjoy every meal better? Can we, in this manner, enjoy our food daily? Do you think this is a good goal to achieve in January?

What are the goals you have set for yourself? I would like to hear from everyone. Please share in the comments box below.

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