Feb 10, 2014

High–Ultra lounge, the newest high

High Ultra Lounge at 421 feet, on the 31st floor, is the highest food and beverage destination in India apart from Mumbai, and will probably remain the ‘highest’ Lounge for quite some time to come. Very different from any so far, the property has been developed by Brigade Hospitality under Nirupa Shankar, Director and Vineet Varma, Executive Director. Their hands-on involvement has borne fruit and how.
An exclusive  elevator takes you in a trice to the 31st floor. The glass capsule elevator gives an amazing view of the outside cityscape even as one rapidly reaches High. Once inside, the lush interiors and unique lighting amps the mood and increases curiosity on what awaits inside!
Bloggers on a tour of High View
Four zones of entertainment, High View, High Dine, High Edge, High Mix with a slightly different personality to each space along with the flexibility to blend into one seamless space.The High View, with its glass window view captures the sunset in all its brilliant hues. Open to the sky, this space beckons! Sunbeds are thoughtfully set out here to lap up the sun’s last rays of the day! High Dine, the dining space is open to the sky again. With a Pan Asian cuisine, the customer can look forward to a fine meal under the stars. High Mix with its mood lighting, bar which churns out unique cocktails and mocktails, and music is an energetic space. High Edge has been designed as a private space, made available by prior booking only.
 The edge of High Edge
I was invited to a bloggers’ preview of the Lounge before its launch. We reached just in time to watch the setting sun cast its multiple hues on the space. We were taken on a tour of the facilities.  We were able to understand the intricacies of outdoor seating, elements of design of individual spaces, the choice of lighting and such through this tour.
Bloggers meet at High View
Deepasri capturing the foliage
It was then time for expert Mixologist, Guruprashanth to demonstrate his skills. He wowed the audience with new techniques in mixing and his choice of herb infusions to add magic to his creations. The group, after sampling his drinks were quite appreciative! I quite enjoyed his mocktails, Citrus Punch and Why Goa.
Tour of High mixGuru with his potent potions!
Guru's Love PotionInception
The Guru!Bloggers sampling
Chef Zhang Hao, put us through a guessing game. We were offered two starters and asked to list out the main ingredients in them. All of us really enjoyed this activity. The peanut flecked cottage cheese wasabi tikkis were so distinctive in choice of ingredients.
Chef Zhang Hao

Wasabi Paneer Tikkis
Then followed a climb to the helipad. The view from this altitude was quite extraordinary! The idea of an exclusive table for two at the helipad had all interested.
Dinner Table at High Dine
Dinner was laid out for bloggers at the High Dine space. I dined on their vegetarian selection. The Miso Soup, Sweet Potato with Teriyaki reduction, Fried Tofu, very fragrant Jasmine Rice with aromatic Thai Veg Curry were the high points of the meal for me. Special mention must be made of Vegetarian Sushi with outstanding wasabi as accompaniment. A few other dishes like Sweet corn with coriander butter,Chinese stir fried vegetables, or the spicy Soba Noodles were good but did not surpass expectations. Banofee Pie stood out for its caramelly, fresh banana and creamy flavours. Lychee Ice Cream could not match up to the Pie’s brilliance.
Through the course of dinner conversation, I enquired and learnt from Anand Nayak, the Marketing Manager, that the restaurant has well segregated kitchen space. Folks with specific food preferences like vegetarian, gluten sensitivity or nut allergies need not worry. The kitchen and the staff are well informed and equipped to handle special requests such as mentioned above.
Unbeatable location, mood-enhancing ambience, carefully chosen cuisines and menu selections and comprehensive beverage selections are all huge points in this destination’s favour. If the food and beverage team can keep up the good work we witnessed that evening, it is sure going to be the most sought-after location at Bangalore.
Location - Roof Top, World Trade Centre, Brigade Gateway Campus, 26/1 Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleswaram West, Bangalore 560055
Cuisine - Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai
Price Range – Rs.1500 per person (average)


Lubna Karim said...

Nice review....Now I am more tempted to pay a visit...You covered almost everything in the review...neatly done...

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Nice review dear...Keeping gluten free options are now a days must to include...good to know they are up for it.

Priya NowServing said...

How fun, Rajani! You Indian bloggers have a ball always…while us stuck in snow and cold fend for ourselves our daily meals - we too are vegetarians and find it difficult to find good veggie fares easily here! enjoyable post and noted for my next visit to B'lore!

Rajani said...

Thank you all for your thoughts.
Priya, sounds really tough to handle. Hoping spring comes to your parts soon. Good vegetarian food is quite hard to come by even in India these days. Let's meet up on your next visit to Bangalore!