Mar 25, 2013



A very Happy Holi to all readers! I adore this festival for the bonhomie and togetherness it brings about. The internet abounds with recipes you could make on this happy festive day. This recipe is just what you would feel happy to reach out for after gorging on endless plates of Mawa Gujiya, Kachoris, Dahi vada and other absolute indulgences.

So for my post today, I am offering a tongue tickling, slurp worthy, lip-curling,  ... Tamarind Digestive! You can make this ahead. It keeps well for a couple of weeks, maybe more. I have never found out. Batches of these disappear at our home within days of making. Yummy Slurpy Chukkumanam

It is fairly simple, with ingredients you would always find around the house. So what is the tough part? Pounding the tamarind to a gooey pulp! For, this tastes best when hand-pounded in a mortar and pestle. This takes time and will leave you happier for your toned arms after this exercise! Open-mouthed smile

Traditionally Chukkumanam is made at our homes for ‘Sumangali Prarthanai’ (invoking the Blessings of all married women of the family who have passed on). Several married women are invited home, their feet washed, anointed with fragrant sandal, offered auspicious turmeric and red kumkum. They are then fed and how! Over clean wide banana leaves, they are served course upon course, dish after delicious dish, until all the women groan under the gastronomic assault! To help digest their special heavy meal, the Sumangalis are then offered ‘spiced buttermilk’ and this ‘Chukkumanam’. The traditional recipe does not include jaggery, but I have added it for balance.

Enjoy the digestive after your special festive gastronomic journey on Holi, or make it anytime you feel like.

You Need

  1. Cleaned, deseeded, tamarind - 4 heaped tsp
  2. Jaggery, powder and measure - 2 tbsp
  3. Dry ginger powder - 2 tsp
  4. Salt - 1 tsp
  5. Bedige Red chilli - 1/4 of 1 chilli
  6. Ghee - 1/2 tsp

To Assemble -

  1. Clean, deseed and remove fibre and other impurities, if any, from the tamarind. Place in a mortar and pestle or mixer jar.
  2. Add all other ingredients except ghee, pound by hand or use pulse button of mixer to get a uniform mixture. If pounding by hand, it will need about 10 minutes of persistent effort to bring the mixture together. If using the mixer, be very careful while using for the recipe does not have any water, the solids can clog the blade and ruin it.Knead the mixture together with ghee
  3. Remove to plate, add warmed ghee, knead with hand.Roll into Balls with greased hand
  4. Roll into small balls, stick on toothpicks to serve immediately.
  5. Wrap in parchment paper to store for up to two weeks.DSC_0012



Hamaree Rasoi said...

Tack tack ...yeah that's what my tongue is making sound...Holi wishes to your family dear..

Rajani said...

Ha ha, Deepa, You have said it right!

divya said...

Makes me drool..tempting

Priya Suresh said...

Fantastic, love to grab one now, happy holi wishes.

Meera Murthy-Jois said...

Happy Holi to you all! It looks very appetizing. And tastes yummy too :)

Usha said...

Perfect after any heavy meal !! Happy Holi wishes :)

Deepa said...

Innovative idea.Also tempting..Have to try this for sure..

Archana Kumar said...

Oh lovely, I love the taste of tamarind, this must really taste so good...And u made thandai mousse...sounds fabulous...

Meena Selvakumaran said...

Love the tangy loliopops,

first time here.You have lovely blog.
Happy to follow you,Glad if you follow you.