Jun 8, 2011

Will be back

Hi everyone,
It has been an unplanned hiatus from blogging.
 A lot has happened in my life - I needed time off from several things including blogging to cope.
I plan to be back in action soon. Thanks everyone who have 'remained' followers of my 'new blog'.( I still feel new to blogging.)
I have been blog hopping though. It is so inspiring and exciting to see action in the blogworld.
I look forward to everybody's honest feedback on my posts. It helps me grow.
See you all soon.


Priya said...

Hope all iz well at ur end...take care..

jayasree said...

Akka, I thought, kids' vacation was keeping you away from the blog. Hope things are fine at your end.

Suman Singh said...

Hope to see u soon...take care!

Now Serving said...

Miss you Rajani - be back soon and hope everythign is alright for you- hugs, priya

Rajani said...

Thanks everyone for concern, makes me feel so wanted and special :-) ,will be back sooon for sure!

Mangala Prabhu said...

Hi Rajani, I hope you plan on coming back in the blogging world sometime soon. take care.

Jayashree said...

Hope things soon turn out the way you want them to. Thank you for stopping by my blog......I do hope you like the sev usal and that it will make your day just a little bit brighter.