Nov 10, 2010

Palak and sweet corn sandwiches

Mummy, please make Cafe Coffee Day sandwiches for us! This was the refrain from my kids for the past few months!This was the result of the trial.While the outcome was not exactly like the famous cafe chain,(that version had a more pronounced garlicky flavour),try this version and give me your comments.

You need
  1. Palak leaves-chopped, 4 cups (frozen palak can also be used)
  2. American sweet corn-2 cups
  3. Salt-1/2 tsp or to taste
  4. White pepper powder-1 tsp to 1 1/2 tsp
  5. Crushed garlic-1 tsp (optional)
  6. Bread-1 loaf (can be any variety, whole wheat is good)
  7. Melted butter- 2 tbsp, for brushing

For white sauce
  1. Skim milk-200ml
  2. Whole wheat flour-1/4 cup (50gms)
  3. Unsalted butter-15 gms
  4. Cheddar cheese-100 gms cube (can add more if you wish)
To assemble
  1. Remove thick stalks from palak leaves, wash well, and chop roughly.Measure 4 cups after chopping.
  2. Cook in its own juices in an open pot over stove top for 8-10 minutes or cook in a  micowave for 4 minutes  (800W).If using frozen palak, thaw and then cook.
  3. Rinse if using frozen corn, boil in microwave until just tender (4-5 mins).
  4. For the white sauce, melt butter in a thick bottomed pan, add crushed garlic, if using, and then add whole wheat flour, fry stirring rapidly to avoid burning.
  5. After the raw smell of flour subsides, switch off stove, add the milk, stir briskly to remove lumps (you could use a whisk too).
  6. Return to fire and simmer.
  7. Grate the cheese you are using and add to the simmering sauce, mix well and allow to melt well into the sauce.
  8. The sauce is done when it coats the back of ladle, add salt and white pepper powder now, and stir.
  9. Add the cooked palak and corn, mix well.
  10. Simmer for a minute or two until the filling turns into a moist homogenous mass.
  11. To make the sandwiches, brush one side of each slice of bread very lightly with melted butter.
  12. Place one slice buttered side down on a sandwich maker, spoon some prepared filling onto the slice evenly.
  13. Cover with another bread slice, buttered side up and close the sandwich maker.
  14. Sandwich should be ready in a minute or so.
  15. Switch off the sandwich maker and remove gently, rest for a minute and then serve.
  16. Repeat until your bread and filling is used up.
  • You could add boiled peas instead of corn or in addition to corn.
  • You could add more of cheddar cheese or add half measure each of cheddar and mozzarella cheese.
  • Add more garlic as per taste.
Now for the nutri notes
  • Spinach is only a moderate source of iron.However what makes it a great green is that it comes packed with 51 micro gms of folic acid per 100gm spinach, as well as comes loaded with beta carotene (5580 micro gms)  and vitamin C (28mg/100gm).It thus packs a super healthy punch. Given this ideal combination-of folate and vitamin C necessary  for optimum iron absorption in the body,it is a must have veggie on a weekly basis.
  • Corn is a low fat, fibre laden, cereal.It is not a signifiacnt source of calcium or iron.However it's low sodium (40mg/100gm) and fair potassium content (151mg/100gm) makes it a good bet for hypertensive patients.
  • Cheese loads the dish with calcium and of course plenty of sodium and saturated fats too.Reason enough to use sparingly.While this recipe is a treat for kids, adults can tweak the recipe to add fresh homemade paneer made from skim milk-this obviously ensures calcium without the sin!
  • Milk alongwith cheese ensures that your kids' daily dairy protein needs are met in a fun way!
  • Using whole wheat bread for the sandwiches gives you carbs of a low glycemic index.
  • A dish that has it all- good carbs, dairy protein, bursting -with -good -health -veggies,plenty of fibre and super yummy to boot,Wow.

Here are the visuals

cooking palak
Add flour to butter for white sauce
Add milk and cheese

Add cooked palak and corn to the white sauce
Sandwiches with filling ready!


jayasree said...

Very filling and nutritious sandwich... And you know today, I made palak and corn cutlets. Liked the sandwich idea with palak & corn

Rajani said...

Wow,such a prompt response,thank you!The cutlet idea sounds great too! Are you going to put up the recipe too?

Mangala Prabhu said...

Nice :) Very innovative.

Deepa said...

It's really yummy....I have tasted this in your house....

Rajani said...

Glad you remember that fun time we had together,and I am glad you remember the aste too!

Shanthi said...

Lovelydish and a lovely blog . Love the nutrifacts portion. Keep rocking

Pushpa said...

Sandwiches look cool and yummy.

Rajani said...

Lakshmi and Pushpa,thank you for dropping by,your comments are encouraging.

Dr.Sameena Prathap

Hey Rajani,

Made wheat kesari with wheat rava/sooji dear...Made wheat puttu with roasted wheat flour...i think i have mentioned in the ingredients dear...Thanx for asking...:)

Lovely sandwiches...:)


indianspicemagic said...

Like to have this healthy sanwich for breakfast.

Rajani said...

You could make the filling in a jiffy in the morning or even the previous night for a fantastic breakfast, please let me know if you try it out.

Anonymous said...

feeling very lucky to know ur recipe, its helthy and tasty. thx.